I was reading the article about funk in the lessons part of this site, and I want to try out some funk Only problem is, I don't really know any funk bands except for the one song that was posted in the lesson, can anyone suggest some good tabs? (Preferrably guitar pro)

Someone in the lesson said that theres no lead guitar for funk though, is it true?

Lead Guitar is a wishy washy term, it is used to describe the guitar sound that stands out in the side of melodic virtuosity. Funk songs can have lead guitar in, because I've heard some funk solo's.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers are going to be your best bet if you're wanting solo's too.

Anything before and including Blood Sugar Sex Magik in regards to albums for the chilli's

I'm not sure if Jamiriquo has guitar in his stuff, but if he does, then theres some more funk for you

hope that was helpful
Wow, I haven't really listened to RHCP much, thats quite a surprise that they're counted as funk *shrugs*

But anyway, thanks a lot