i've always been hunting down for a pedal that can produce brilliant 12 string sounds.

the best way would obviously go get a eds 1275 or a 12 string electric guitar.

i just recently got my hands on a boss pitch shifter/delay ps-3 second hand. i was foolish, i made the mistake of not testing the pedal first. i just saw its capability of going one octave up and i bought it. unfortunately, when i fiddled with it, the sound didnt please me at all.

i got an octave up that sounded nothing like what it should sound. it sounds like a bell ringing one octave higher than the note i played. worst of all, there was a slight delay in the octave up. well, it did make me feel better when i found out that the more expensive micro pog didnt sound that fantastic too. at least the ps 3 has a delay that's usable.

so now i need someone to tell me if there are such pedals that can reproduce the beautiful natural sound of a 12 string guitar.

may sound weird but a decent chorus, if set up the right way can sound like a twelve string
A chorus can do a pretty good job. Some better than others. The ones with a delay time knob allow you to brighten things up a bit like a 12 string tends to do.
+1 to the chorus and delay. Chorus causes your pitch to phase in and out a hair while delay allows it to overlap the original signal thickening it up like a 12 string.

I would have to agree with horlicks as well. Not out of experience of the product but he's a smart guy when it comes to gear.
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