Im about to start building a bass guitar as a project for school.
However, I need advice on the components for it.
In particular, I need advice on pickups etc.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
When I can I will upload my design ideas and pictures throughout the project.
just get a simple p or j style prewired setup through a place like mojomusicalsupply.com they sell pickups too
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I think i should elabourate my design:
Fretless ebony neck (cba frettin bassically)
Similar body to a schecter stilletto custom.
Large pickguard.
Not sure what colour, but bound body.
Might try get a pick of my drawins soon.
p or j style duncan quarter pounders are nice, but if u dont want to spend the $$$, guitarfetish.
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I'm thinkin bout buyin p pickups and a j bridge pickup from guitar fetish, but not sure how to wire it. Ideas?
that's a pretty sweet design, i'd like to see how this turns out! I always like watching fretless builds too, it's a cool change from the standard guitars.

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They come prewired.

you still have to solder 2 wires together and the ground to the back of the pot.
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Fretless ebony neck (cba frettin bassically)

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Ive already got a four string and a five string, and i love them both, so i wanted something a bit different. It seemed the easiest way to get a fairly individual guitar and its my first build.

Ill probably do some more and ill fret those.

Can anyone find or make me a diagram for a j/p bass pickup configuration. I have no clue about wiring at all.


Its been a while, UPDATE TIME:

Got all hardware, pics to come.
Got body and neck wood- Basswood body
Flamed Maple Neck Wood
Ebony Fretboard

Started shaping the body, but i need some help desperatly!
Can anyone find me a routing template for a p bass pickup, bassically i dont know how far i need to offset the two parts. I need help. Thanks.
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