I started putting together a PA system so we could have something for when we practice. I bought a powered Behringer 800w mixer and for now, 1 JBL speaker. We got a descent mic for about $110. Everything sounds great with the volume about halfway. If we try and go louder, sometime it will produce an ear piercing squealing sound. It seems to directly correlate to volume. The mixer is about 6-7 feet away from the speaker and the mic ive tried moving at least 15 feet away from everything. Any other ideas?
u knw i have that exact problem, dude.... But when I step away from the speakers while holding the mic... the horrible feedback goes away completely....
I thought that was the only cause for this kind of feedback...
stand as far from, point the speaker away from, and if possible put the speaker in front of the singer.

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theres a number of different things you can try:

always be sure to point the mic away from the speaker.

lower the volume

lower the gain

reduce the treble on the eq

what mic is it? some mics are notorious for feedback, so that might be the problem too
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somethin do i is point the speakers in a direction at something like a drum set that breaks up the signal and deflects...if u have it pointing at squared off walls itll come back to mic too, idk all the science but it seems to work even wit the speakers a few feet away from the mic
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were in a small room so putting the speaker in front of me wont work. I have the speaker pointing towards the drummer and bassist. I tried standing off to the left, almost behind the speaker. I did notice the treble was way up so turning that down seemed to help. I didnt know there was a gain on a mixer. Theres a seperate volume knob for each channel and a main volume. Should I have the mic channel higher than the main volume knob?