So I was teaching some boring history again and decided to hit on this poor student.

His friend looked at me weird and had a WTF!? expression on his face.

I confiscated his jumpdrive in a sexual manner? or something? I can't remember I'm high.

Oh noez, I think I'm about to get busted.
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yeah, we dont speak retard
*closes book of 6th grade jokes*
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I saw a bumper sticker in a guitar store that read
"Like all musicians, Your Following the Bassist"
I lol'd

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It was a weird feeling cumming to someone being ripped apart...
i lol'd after i figured out what the hell you were talking about

some guy had a thread about a teacher hitting on him by asking for his jump drive, and this is the teacher's point of view i guess...very very close to amusing
Dude that was so me.
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Nice attempt to switch around my thread =/

I got a good lul out of it though.


I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

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Dude that was so me.

Get back to pissing off Dante!

And make Bob talk damnit.