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I haven't eaten for about 30 hours or so because I don't feel well. I wondered how long the rest of you have been. Yeah, I'm a little bored.
A couple of days maybe. When I'm down I don't really eat.
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i'm not 100% sure, but it felt like about a week as i had a really bad flu and couldn't move.
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Maybe 3-4 days. I believe I was sick.
2 days. Me and some friends had a contest of who could go the longest.
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The human body can survive without eating for almost a whole month.

I think I've been like 30 hours before also.

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3-4 days.
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A few days, I was sick.
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7 days, then went binge drinking on the 7th night. Results weren't pretty.
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take some vitamins or make a lemonade.its not healthy not eating. i stayed for almost 48 hours unfed and i felt horrible.because the fridge was empty

I don't feel hungry. I have a cup of coffee, that's enough.
I once had a pretty bad stomach virus and vomited and pooped for 2 days and a half without eating anything
didn't get much sleep either
About 2 1/2 days when I had Glandular fever (or Pfeiffer's disease to those of you in the states). Then for about a week after that I was eating about half than I normally do. Lost about 9kg (20lb) over 10 days, not good.

I made up for it though with a month of binge eating once i got better!
bout 4 days and then i only ate a few pieces of toast and two bowls of soup in the 3 days after that. i had food poisoning and lost about 10 pounds in that week.
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Probably like 24 hours. I had a week where I was sick but you still need to eat so I just had some of these biscuits of awesomeness

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About 3 days, and during that time I threw up what was left in my stomach.
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I used to have an eating disorder so I try not to go too long without eating because everyone starts freaking out.
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About three days. It was the worst case of flu, I've ever experienced. I tried to make up for not eating by drinking as much juice as I could, though.
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For three days when I was ill.
And almost didn't eat anything for two weeks once to lose weight, it worked haha.
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

Was in coma for 13 days, got stuff through a drop but I didn't eat anything obviously
I think about 4 days when I was just having one of those depressed times.. But I went about a week when I had food poisoning, which was annoying cos I was hungry, I just couldn't hold anything down
6 and a half-ish days.

I don't eat that much as it is anyways, and when I'm all kfhjgbnsdklfjgsfhdfgjlsfh-ish I just don't want to know about food.
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4 days. Laugh, but I was in a boy scouts annual trip (hated it), and the bathrooms were chemicals ones. Now I have a good tolerance against dirty sights, but bad smells can make me puke a lot. So I literally lived 4 days at the basis of water ice cream. Now I understand why I used to feel so weak. I used to think that it was the heat .

Also spent 4 days without eating when I had mononucleosis.

3 days
i only drunk water .. i still had to take a dump every 30minutes
i was very sick
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I think it was about 18 days or so, but then my friends & family kept trying to force feed me and threatened to stick me in rehab & yeah...

Don't ever want to go back to that state of mind again.
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I think about 4 days when I was just having one of those depressed times.

Yep, sounds familiar.
i just don't like food and i feel hungry so io think longest time.. almost 2 days?
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Two or three weeks. I nearly died.

What led to this, if I may ask?
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