I have a 1988 Westone Corsair Deluxe. I had it since 1990 the guy who had it before me put a DiMarzio pickup at the bridge and put in new pots (volume and tone knobs). I don't think the wiring has been right since.

Can anyone help me with a wiring diagram so i can make sure it right. There are 3 pickups H-S-H, 3 control knobs i believe 1 for volume and 2 for tone, and there are 3 toggle switches 2-3 way and 1-2 way. The middle toggle is the 2 way switch.

what are the switches?
on/off/split (bridge humbucker)
on/off (middle single)
on/off/split (neck HB) ?

and what do you want the pots to be?
master volume is probably pretty obvious, but do you want the tones to be
one for the bridge and one for neck and middle
one for the neck, one for bridge and middle
one for the single, one for the humbuckers?

theres quite a few possibilities for the tones and such, but once thats cleared up I(or anyone else on here, I'm sure)'ll be glad to help you with a diagram.

edit: better yet, what's wrong with it now?
no diagram for the corsair deluxe on the westone site.
but i'd guess it's the same as the clipper CL4112, except the neck pickup and switch are wired the same way the bridge pickup is.

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