I'm huge tea drinker and I was wondering who here is also.

I would like to know:

1) What kind tea you drink? (Black,Green,etc)

2) Any preference in brand? (Tetley, Salada, Lipton)

3) Loose or Tea Bag?

4) How you prepare your tea? (Artificial Sweetners, Sugar, Honey)

My Answers:

1) I drink Black tea
2) Doesn't really matter but Tetley, Salada, and Carrington
3) I generally use tea bags
4) I use NutraSweet artifcial sweetner
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Bigalow black tea, never had loose tea leaves, usually sweetened with sugar+a little lemon juice.
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Twinings- peppermint tea and leaf tea. No sugar, black.
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Green or Spearmint.. the brands change. I use honey.
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I like my tea bagging in the face!

nah just regular pg tips with a bit of milk here.

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Twinings Earl Grey and Lady Grey (loose leaf), Ahmad of London Earl Grey loose leafe, brew for five minutes, two sugars.

Adding milk to Earl Grey is a crime against humanity.
1) Normal, Roobois, Earl grey

2) 11 o'clock for roobois, Twinings for Earl Grey

3) Bag

4) 1 sugar, milk
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