I would like to use only the effects of my pod2.0. I own an ENGL Powerball and I wouldn't like no amp model to stain my signal, I want only the FX.

Now, what amp model do you think is best to use only FX?

I think the driest is the tuner!, but you cant use FX when tuner is on!!!
On the xtl you can turn the amp models off. If you can't do that on the 2.0 you may need to consider something else or just experiment until you find something you like or can at least live with.
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Even my old Behringer V-Amp could bypass the amp models. Check your manual.
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I had to do this when my XT-live was being fixed. I ended up using the tube preamp model as theres no bypass on the Pod 2s. It does colour your tone but nowhere near as bad as the other models do.
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SO you used the tube preamp model with drive 0 and used your amp distortion, or you used tube preamp model as a distortion??

Did you plug it to the FX loop?
Ugh, pod 2.0

I love the XT Live though

I would say use the amp distortion, not the pod. Depending on if your amp is good or not. Why not just try it both ways and see which you like better?
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