Hello peepz,
A few months ago me and some friends of mine started a band and began covering some songs.. we have lots of fun and stuff but there is only 1 little problem, we don't know where to place our amps and stuff and where we usually place them isn't right because it doesn't sound like it has to and you hear everything as one..
We practise every week in my basement which is kinda big for a basement:P and we were wondering what the set up for our amps and stuff would be?
We have:
-1 Bass guitar (Me :rolleyes
-1 Lead guitar
-1 Rhytme guitar
-1 Drumset
and a singer but we can't adjust the place of the speaker of the microphone (1 in each corner of the basement!

Thanks in advance
Frankv120 and my band
Well, it depends on how you're rehearsing.

At your level, I'd say set everything up in a circle so that everyone can see and hear each other and communication is easy. Then you can hear what you're all playing and communicate by looking at each other to indicate there time to come in etc.

The other way to set up is as if you were on stage, with drums at the back, singer at the front, amps either side of the drums and tilted inwards slightly. At your noise level you should still hear everything, but if you can't then get some monitors or place the amps at the side of the room and turn the PA speakers around to face the band. The key here is that everyone is looking forward, as in a live gig.
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Tnx next time we are going to practice we'll consider which way is the best way =]
Drummer in the middle of the room - at the back.
Bass the left hand side, near-ish to the kit (if the drummer is right handed). The drummer can see you best here because they are sat with their legs around the snare on the left handside of their kit, and so are facing that way. This allows you to see each other and helps the rhythm section lock together better.

Lead guitarist on far right.
Rhythm guitarists next to bass.
Singer - centre (perhaps a little to the right)

I think?
kinda like the second way metaltabber said but bit more detailed.. thanks xD gonna try that one 2 =]
I think the most important thing from my post is that the best should be on the left.
But yeah, metaltabber highlighed some important stuff in sound. Mine was more of a practical thing, about playing together.

The problem might be that the room is too small, which is why it all becomes one big mess.
Well.. the room is definelty not to small... we use the same basement we practice in for party with up to 80 people :P
What are the dimensions of the basement, what wattage and speaker sizes are the microphones and the other amps. Also what kind of music do ye play?