Okay everyone...your moment to shine!

I'm looking to put together a guitar rack from scratch. I play 80's rock.

My question is what do I need? Or even, what are the one or two items in your rack you can't live w/o.

Looking for opinions on what the best equipment is.

I think I'll need: Power Conditioner, tuner, wireless receiver, effects, amp, preamp

Don't be shy! Share brand names and model numbers too.

Thanks in advance!!!
Power conditioners, check out Furman and Monster power conditioners. If you're looking for a rack tuner you can either get a DTR-1000 or look for an old DTR1 or 2.

As far as the effects, it depends on what you need. I'd recommend checking out the TC Electronic G Major and the Rocktron Expression.

The poweramp, preamp and wireless unit is all personal preferance. It's hard for me to recommend any of that.
If you want any modulation, try and find an old Peavy AddVerb, those things are awsome.