So I'm curious, if I don't like the stock pickups on a guitar, and I play alternative, punk, pop punk, and indie, mostly, which pickups should I look at? Good cleans would be nice too. The guitar is either an Epi LP Custom, Fender HSS Strat, or Fender '72 Deluxe Tele. Amp is either Mesa F-50, Traynor YCS50, or Traynor YCV50 Blue. Thanks!
I'm actually looking for pickups for the same use; HSS Strat, but usually through my Crate V-18. I've been looking for advice on this for a month or two, with no luck, but I haven't tried here, yet.

Hope someone has some advice.
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Depends what you don't like about them really.
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Alternative wants a higher output than pop-punk or indie, really. Which sound would you want to capitalise more on?
"Indie" isn't a genre... and it's definitely not a sound. I mean, does A Place to Bury Strangers sound AT ALL like the Shins? Sounds like the dude just wants some pickups that sound nice and aren't averse to crunching up once in awhile.