So for Christmas I can get a new guitar. But I have so many to choose from...
My budget is roughly £500, £550 pushing it. I play mainly metal, ranging from stuff like In Flames/Dark Tranquility, through stuff like Dream Theater, right down to stuff like Opeth. I'm currently using a PRS SE Singlecut through a Peavey Valveking, and the PRS gets me some very nice clean tones.

So far, guitars that have caught my eye are:

Ibanez SZR720
Schecter Hellraiser Avenger
Schecter Hellraiser Revenger w/ Floyd Rose

What are the pros and cons of each guitar? Which of them will go well with the style of music I want to play and with my amp? What are other suggestions you may have within the price range? Which would you choose and why?

I really appreciate any help


everybody i talk to holds schechter in high regard for being real good guitars im thinkin of tryin one out too
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I can't tell you much about the Ibanez or ESP but I do own a Hellraiser and it's one of the best guitars i've played (almost on par with my gibson) and is probably one of the best deals around. You obviously will get very heavy tones with the EMG pickups and surprisingly the clean tones are a lot better than people think.
if i were you i would buy an amp with that and change the se pups if there was change, but i would go with the hellraiser w/ the fr.
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+1 to the Hellraiser

maybe this?:
becuase everything is nice about that guitar

X50's nicer me think because of the carved top etc. but the x40 pro has the OFR.

Try one of the new Washburn HM series guitars. Think they came with either OFRs or Schaller LFRs and EMG pups (some).
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everybody i talk to holds schechter in high regard for being real good guitars im thinkin of tryin one out too

I dont own a Schecter, but i have played a Exotic Star in my local music shop, and they are indeed VERY nice guitars, Therefor I think that the Schecter would be your best bet.
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ibanez rg1570? that's what i'd go with for those tones at that amount of money (assuming you don't want to go used), i'd switch the pickups later when i had more saved up.
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I would say the hellraiser personally. Whether or not you get a floyd rose is your personal preference. I hate them, myself.
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