Hey guys, I lost 3 of the tiny peices in my ZR Trem that hold the string to the saddle, and I'm pretty sure I can order them off of IbanezRules.com, but I want to make sure what the name of them are. The nearest Ibanez dealer near me had no idea, but on Ibanez Rules I've narrowed it down to either the Saddle shim, or the String Lock Blocks. Here's my MS Paint rendition to show you what part it is.

If anybody knows or can help, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
if you're unsure, email that pic to Rich from ibanezrules.

you have to email him anyway don't you? you might as well get help from the expert.

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yep you do.
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Right, I'll do that now, thanks.
I'm on a horrible quality school computer atm, can you help me out with PM'ing me the e-mail?
Not sure what party you're asking about;

This would be a "SADDLE UNIT" part number 2ZR2-2K

The little black piece of plastic that goes in the saddle unit is a "STRING HOLDER BLOCK" part number 2ZR2-3

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