Every time I use my Boss DS-1 on my amp (which is a Vox Valvetronix AD30VT if that helps), I get a sudden decrease in volume. I know that it has built in distortion, but I am playin on the clean channels it just decreases sound. I have tried turning the level up on the pedal but that doesn't do much. Can anyone help me?
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Check the battery.

I replaced the battery like three days ago.
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how big is the drop in volume?

Its likely that its more of a drop in perceived volume, which you get from a lot of distortion pedals, as the DS-1 seems to cut back the midrange a little.
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Yep. I agree with Blompube. If your mids and treb on a clean are high, the ds1 will cut the brightness a little and make it sound like it is softer.
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If you're leaving a cable plugged into the input jack when you're not playing it's draining the battery. Maybe that's the problem?