This was inspired by a guy called Job who lived a long time ago. He fell in hard times and though they say he was a very patient man i guess he lost it and proceeded to vent his anger and frustration against God. When his anger was spent God comes to him and poses some deep questions. Job of course has no answers and acknowledges the majesty of God and his own insignificance. btw it did have a happy ending..


Won't you tell me, if you can
Will the hunter catch his prey
Will his arrow strike the eagle
Before breaking of the day?
Ever striving in his quest
Will he rest at last?
As he takes his nightly journey
On his herculean task.

Can you tell me, if you can
Why the nebula witholds
Hidden secrets of the universe
The chemisty of worlds?
Can you tell me where you were
When the stars first shone
When I laid the chief foundation stone
And mother earth was born?

Can you take me, if you can
To where the lightning is dispersed
To the place where winds are gathered
To be scattered throuhg the earth?
Can you take me, if you can
To the house of snow
Do you know the pathway of the storm
Come, surely you must know!

I have spoken hastily
Of things I have no knowledge of
I thought I knew the answers
But I was very far from the truth
Forgive my arrogance
I bow my head down in the dust

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