Does anyone hear bealieve that the new modelers have done there old counterparts any justice.
And if youve played one you know what im talking about.
Were the transtubes better or are the vypyrs just as good, worse, or have surpased the old SS tech.
What does UG have to say.
surpassed the old SS tech?

the Vypyrs are SS and they use Transtube.


might be the 32 bit chip and updated Transtube obviously is the big difference. Having 1 - 12AX7 preamp tube can't hurt.

The 60 and 120 will have a power tube section so they are hybrid amps and will maybe be out in Novermber sometime.
Man I think the Vypyrs are really good. They are a little complicated at first but after you figure out how to operate everything they are easy to use. They sound decent stock but with a speaker upgrade they sound really good. For the price they're pretty good amps.
hopefully there something like the fender Cybers.
if they are then theyll be great.
I was disapointed with the vypyrs and honestly thought the old Transtubes are better, and if you know me then you know how i feel about vypyrs.
But hey its working out for alot of people, so theres obviosly something good with the things, altough i find them horrid.
I"ll be surprised if the Hybrids are better than flextones, given the big hype on the Vypyrs and IMO falling short.
they just dont have that warm alnalouge fell that the Trans had I guese, it wasnt that the transtubes sounded like tubes, they just sounded good, really good for SS amps.