[Gp5.2, Gp4 and Midi]

The Guitar Pro 5.2 version is probably the one to listen too, I put some reverb effect on the lead guitar for the really spaced out effect. I wrote it for the aliens that were supposed to come on Oct.14. They never showed up though, so now I present it to you, humble earthlings.

Livelong and shred.
Pfft this isnt progressive at all, its under the 10 minute mark. Therefore, clearly not remotely progressive!


It was pretty sex-tastic. I like space, and I like spacey music, nice vibe. It does need to be lengthed a-bit, say eight or nine minutes or so :]

I like it.
I loved the intro, it did sound spacey and the layered sound is cool. The following riff is pretty intense as well, with an epic feel. The chord progression following however is kind of loud and spastic sounding, maybe make it piano instead of forte. Really cool riffs after that, then another spazz chord. The piano part is sweet, reminds me of of a space-esque god-father kind of thing. Then it's over.

Very cool song.

Unique sound
Good riffage

Those loud-ass chords
Too short (make moar pl0x)