Hey guys,

I would really appreciate your help. I think I am going to be schizophrenic soon!

I am planning to buy a new axe, but I really cannot decide (heh, it looks like I have a similar problem as many people on this forum). On my shortlist are Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom EX and LTD EC-400VF Tobacco Sunburst.

I play for about 10 years and I have decided to spend some money and buy something really solid and decent.

Last weekend I went to a guitar shop to check out the Epiphone Prophecy LP as everyone says how great and attractive the guitar is (I have checked probably all images from Google), but I could not find any stocked. The guy in the shop said Epiphone is having a trouble to supply these and I should expect the stock in Feb 09. As I’ve been disappointed and leaving the shop I totally fell in love with a beauty LTD EC-400VR Tobacco Sunburst. Quite heavy guitar with amazing sound, great attack and beautiful sustain. After about 30minutes of playing I’ve left the shop and I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day. The guitar feels awesome! Although I have tried a couple of other guitars (Ibanez ART series, ESP EC-50,...) EC-400VF is a monster packed in body of an angel! Smooth, but wild and screaming.

I play mostly rock/metal riffs, but I need quite a versatile instrument to play classic solos or acoustic ballad parts as well.

The Epiphone Prophecy LP has very nice dark finish (I really like the dark flame wood texture with reflecting a light from the wood and actually I think I would prefer this finish&hellip But I also like the EC-400VF Tobacco Sunburst, but to me it looks a bit too “ordinary” (no offence). Although the quality of EC-400VF is excellent, feels really good. Again, unfortunately I did not have a chance to try the Epiphone LP.

The Epi has active EMGs on it and also has 24 frets on the fretboard (EC-400 has 22 frets) what would give me a bit more of “space”. People say the Epi has a great sound with the EMGs. But it also has a “traditional” LP neck where ESP has a great smooth crossing from neck to a guitar body (if I remember correctly). Fretboard inlays are great on both guitars maybe I would be a bit worried about Epiphone quality.

I know someone might say how I can even compare Epi with ESP (LTD), but after all the reviews and excellent ratings I have read and especially when I did not have a chance to play the thing, I am not sure. And they are also at a similar price point.

Question for you: Which one would you go for?

Is there anyone who played these beauties and can compare them and give some feedback please?

Thanks for any feedback!!!

“No matter what you play, just play!”