So I won an Ibanez GSA60 off of ebay and the guy told me that the strap buttons are different than the stock which is no big deal and the trem spring cover is missing. Along with a small chip on the back. He said he would refund my money. Upon hearing this I began searching ebay for a similar possibly better guitar and found an ESP LTD F-50. This guitar only having a small chip on the back. My question is should I stick with the Ibanez GSA60 or get my refund and go for the ESP LTD F-50?

Here is the Ibanez

And The ESP
as much as i love LTD i'd stick with the ibanez.
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I like the ESP's looks better, but I haven't played either of them, just get whichever one you like the feel of more and that sounds nicer for what you want.
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I would go with the ESP, but thats my opinion. Do as you please.
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And please, that is NOT an ESP!!!
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I've heard some bad things about those early models of the ESP LTD. If you want a guitar for the looks, go for something like the ESP LTD F-400.
Otherwise I'd say stick with the Ibanez.
I played a gsa ibanez before it quite sox lool. I have an Ibanez myself but in this case i'd go for the esp.

Nvm It seems to be quite good; But I sworn I played a gsa120 and that i didn't liked it all. That's the reason i never buy guitars without playing em.


Me was confused with a Gio, go with ibanez me say

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the F-series does kick ass, however, the f-50 is just alright, i would go with the ibanez

but check into the f-250 and f-400, theyre pertty badass