ok this is the song i wrote about 3 weeks ago.i like it becasue i have a little twist at the end. tell me if you like it.

verse: once you wake up and get out of bed
feel the pain a'rushing all through your head
cant stop the pain, wont stop it at all
just like a train blew through the wall
how you try ti think
how you got this way
was it something you drank?
or just one of those days?

chorus: after dark
the clock strikes 12
a long days night
youre feeling overwhelmed
after dark
the light shines through
cant recall a thing
of what you did do
after dark
you wake up somewhere
unknown t you
how'd you get there?

verse: its becoming clear
of what brought this pain
bits and pieces of memory
are all that remain
think deep, think hard
what did you do?
got totally wasted
thats what did you

chorus repeats except the first line is changed to struck 12

verse: (sorta talking now)
now you remember
do you believe it is true?
tur and ask your cellmate
he was there too
When I buy my wife, at first she cook good, her vagine worked well, she strong on plow, but three years later when she was fifteen, she receive hair on her chest, her voice become deep, "BORAT, BORAT", and her vagine hang like sleeve of wizard
could you please fix up the grammar, spelling, capitalization ect.

and get rid of the "verse:", "chorus:" and "repeat this, but say this not that" bits.

just post the song as it is to be a story or whatever.

and dont double thread.