what's the best way to record onto a computer? i use audacity for the actual recording, but all i have to record with is a 1/8th inch auxiliary cable that i put an adapter on to plug into my bass, so its not too good quality. what do you suggest?
I asked a similar question to this before, I was told it's better to use a good quality mic for everything. I found that when I used an auxiliary cable, it sounded NOTHING at all like it did when I just played it without recording.
I've yet to try using a mic though because of my lack of money lol
Regardless of what you use though, you'll never get a professional sound because you're recording in your house so it'll pick up loads of background noise n shit like that.
yeah that's a problem with me too. also it'd be nice if there was an easier way. maybe a 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adapter and plug my cable straight into the computer?
Get an interface (M-Audio Fasttrack, Line 6 Tone Port, etc.) and run a mic through the preamp to mic your amps.

As far as programs, its whatever you like best. I prefer Ableton just because I'm familiar with it. Hate pro tools, though. With a passion.
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your computer won't like that big sound waves and you would get crap quality instead. Or you should have a really nice sound card!
I'm stuck recording with audacity and a rock band(The game) microphone XD
USB port. I recorded two whole EPs that way with my friends, but they were all acoustic, so I don't really wanna try with electric stuff