Ok! So my vocal teacher want's me to play "You Give Love a Bad Name" and "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi.

That's not the problem...I was asking him what he wants me to do for Livin' on a Prayer in the talk guitar part, and he suddenly drops this on me: "I wrote up 'You Give Love a Bad Name' in a different key."

This wouldn't have been a problem if I actually KNEW a thing or two about how to change keys. Along with that, I already had the song learned.

So, how do I make "You Give Love a Bad Name" into the key of F Minor? I THINK it's in the key of C Minor now.
You could do two things.

1. Put a capo on the 7th fret and play it relative to the capo.

2. Tune your guitar to straight B and play it normally.

I would choose #2 personally.
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2. Tune your guitar to straight B and play it normally.

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That is definitely how you should NOT do it.

'You Give Love a Bad Name' is in C minor, you need it to be in F minor.

If you look at the chords in the rhythm it goes | C Ab | Bb C | Ab Bb | Eb C |
When you apply that to the scale degrees in C minor you get | 1 6 | 7 1 | 6 7 | 3 1 |

Put those scale degrees onto F minor and you get | F Db | Eb F | Db Eb | Ab F |

Do the same for the little riffs. Take the scale degrees and apply it to the key you want it to be in. It will be easier then you think.
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