Hi Guys,

I am looking to upgrade my pickups to passive JB TB-4 (bridge) and JB SH-4 (neck) Seymour Duncan pickups.

I have a Jackson JS30RR Rhoads. Just a few questions really:

1. I heard that to have a TB-4 at the bridge, you have to have a tremelo, is this true?
2. Are they a good combination for metal?
3. Will the pickups fit ok in the body?

As you can probably tell I don't know alot about pickups. Any advice would be great.

i dont think that theres ANY pickup that acutally requires you to have a tremolo.
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1. Not Really
2. Im not to sure, look up reviews, and youtube videos of them.
3. Yes they will.
TB is abbreviated for TREMBUCKER which is Duncan's answer to F-Spaced or spacing for a floyd rose tremolo, so you'd have to get your JS30 routed to accept it. other wise you could put 2 JB4's in there,

or to balance clean tones put an SH2 in the bridge or an SH1 for more output
Listen, the JB is not a neck pickup. It's much, much too loud. a '59 is a better idea.
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First - You will need a TB-4 for the bridge because import tune-o-matic bridges have a wider string spacing (like trems do) than American made tune-o-matic bridges do.

Second - The JB is a bridge only pickup you don't want to put one in the neck position. You should go with a SH-1 '59 Model or a SH-2 Jazz Model in the neck.

Third - A trembucker will fit in your guitar with no modifacations being made because the factory pickup has trembucker spacing too.

Fourth - If you don't have a good amp you're not going to see that big of a difference in pickups.
never put a JB in the neck. its sounds like death, in a bad way.

Jazz or '59 would work.
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put a pearly in the neck cuz it should b more versatile i think the specs actually seem to match well on the site but they arent't commonly matched, the '59 and jazz have LOW midranges.
Kool, so I have decided on a SH-4 in the bridge and a Jazz in the neck position. I'm just a little confused by the above comments. Will these pickups actually fit in my guitar?

Like I said above you will need a TB-4 for the bridge because import tune-o-matic bridges have a wider string spacing (like trems do) than American made tune-o-matic bridges do. If you get the SH-4 the pole pieces on the pickups and your strings will not line up properly. The pickups will fit with no problems at all.
Almost all pickups fit in almost all guitars (the only exceptions are trying to put a single coil in a humbucker slot and vice-versa, and I believe SD Blackouts are wider). The string spacing has nothing whatsoever to do with the routing on the guitar, only the bridge style.
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