I played one at the Guitar Center, but it was hooked up through a Marshall MG, so it just made a buzzy noise.

I do like that it has two levels of gain, and the "pad switch" (I think that's what it's called) is kind of cool. I just couldn't get a good sound from it (or any other distortion pedals) with the amp...
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I just got one...

It's making sound really nice to a Behringer GMX110, which is to say a lot.

It will not deliver the br00talz as it's not that kind of high gain, but it's awesome. Great articulation and definition.

I can only compare it to my former Mesa V-Twin which is a very different animal in purpose and features. But I'll refer to distortion only.

While the Mesa could go to br00talz, it just didn't have the definition and articulation of the Satchurator. The Satchurator has a nice, kind of scooped sound to it. It's not scooped as a metal pedal, as it has enough mid range but not the kind of mid range that just produces distortion. It has a lot of prescence but it still sounds round.

It has tons of harmonics and overtones, more evident with the "More" engaged. The Mesa could really sing for solos, the Satchurator screams AND sings.

However, the Satchurator has a much better chance at being a "one trick pony". It's color is very well defined. No, it doesn't make you sound like Satch. At least not to me. But it has a very defined voice.

It'll do good from blues to metal, but it can't get into br00taz. Get a Metal Muff or the Dime distortion.

It'll shine with complex rhythm and lead sounds. I think it's capable of decent chugga playing with the EQ on the amp.

Lead sound with the More engaged are surreal. Price is just fine. The only thing to criticize is the battery cover that it's plastic and I don't know how it will hold up but most of us will use them with a power adapter, so moot point.

The finish is impressive. My wife knows crap about guitars but she gave high style points to the pedal. The thing is built to last, it does what the box and Satch say it should and it exudes quality. Pictures don't do justice to the thing.

Gain and Volume controls have a wide range and complement each other nicely. The Tone one has only a third of useful range (the middle third) but the pedal will sound nicely enough inside that range. Action of ALL controls is superb. Smooth like ... uh, some huge, giant smooth stuff. The thing is very quiet at all settings.

I'm happy with it. Let's see how father Time treats it.

BTW... don't even try to hook it into a distorted channel. It's not meant to work like that. I tried it briefly on the distorted channel of the GMX110 and it just produced some ugly muddy noise. Yeah, I know it should, being my amp solid state but just before someone tries it that way and comes out saying "the pedal is crap".
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