Ok, this is just a simple little question about modes...

what mode does Synyster and Zacky play in songs like bat country? i can't really tell as i haven't studied them much yet, i'll be sure to get on it though.

any help would be awesome.
Synyster usually solo's in the Minor blues scale or or natural minor with flat 5's and 9's basically with lots of chromatic notes, i think bat country is in the dorian mode
hmmm.... i have no idea what to put here...
ok, and how about their harmony? just major 3rds? that's what it seems like
hmmmm true they dont do they? if you look at the tabs they change some of the notes in some or the harmonizing sections, i read in an interview that syn harmonizes in weird ways maybe minor thirds or 5ths
hmmm.... i have no idea what to put here...
i'm just starting to figure out the technicals about the guitar, so i'm gonna be hitting this site up a bunch with questions, i'd like it if you could help :P

i know major scales and major blues scales, that's about it >.>
you don't need to know all the guitar technical stuff, it's useless. Now I sit back, and see how many people disagree and flame me.
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