ok i am going to buy a guitar to upgrade from my fender starcaster and I was initially looking for a hss standard fender strat so i could throw in a dirty fingers humbucker and the styles were really not doin it for me and thats a big part of it with me so i was thinking of getting a powerhouse strat but then i found an hss standard squire that has an obey graphic that is awsome looking so i was wondering sicne its about a 100 dollar difference if the quality or the sounds going to be any different because its a squire



or should i just get the powerhouse strat and be done because they have some sweet styles too.
dont tell me that im dumb for wanting a guitar more disreguarding the price because of the color or style please
I'd save up more cash and get an American standard/deluxe, depends on your budget
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get the standard strat your paying money that isnot worth it on that paintjob
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get the standard strat your paying money that isnot worth it on that paintjob

Get the HSS and mod it
Go to guitar center in person or whatever music shop you have around there and try out ALL guitars around your price limit.
my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps

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You can be safe in knowing that if you bought a Squier, that hundred bucks you save is coming out of your tone. Even if you'll be replacing the p/u, you'll be dealing with poor quality construction and materials. If you want to upgrade from a Starcaster, I'd go with an American Standard and customize it from there, you'll be saving yourself a lot of trouble.