Poll: Is rock on it's way back?
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Yes, and not soon enough.
5 56%
No, unfortunately.
4 44%
I like bands like Chemical Romance. I don't know what rock is.
0 0%
Voters: 9.
With the amazing debut of AC/DC's Black Ice and the success of Metallica's Death Magnetic , along with the planned release of Guns 'n Roses' Chinese Democracy , I am noticing a pattern. The great rock and roll my parents grew up with (That I unfortunately missed as I was born in 1991, and soon, crap started overtaking the radio) is coming back, at least I think so. It's funny how what's considered cool (Even though it sucks) always changes: 80s, pop music. 90s, boy bands. 00s, rap and wimp "rock".) yet the music that keeps people coming back for more is rock 'n roll. It has been that way for 50+ years, and I don't see that changing.

What do you think?
Don't forget Journey's new release over the summer. But yes, you are right, modern stuff comes and goes but Rock 'n Roll is forever.
no, you are wrong.

and what's worse, all your precious rock stars from back in the day are all about to die. because they're old. the ones who haven't died already, that is.

not all modern rock sucks. porcupine tree is good. so is radiohead.