No name on them or anything. So, we can't really ascertain quality. And at that price, I don't think they're going to be 50s PAFs anytime soon.
Save up a bit more and look for something more upmarket.
yea, with pickups, you dont wanna go cheap
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I'll do what I always do and reccomend Bare Knuckles. They're expensive but you absolutely can't go wrong with them.

For blues rock, you probably want a humbucker guitar. But as ever, it's not essential. Think like a blueser and get a vintage output set and for the rock bit, get your distortion from the amp. That'll give you the best blues-rock tone.

Edit: when you're talking about a big mod like a pickup swap, you ought to know what you're talking about. do a bit of research before you commit yourself, and make sure that what you don't like about your tone is coming from your pickups and not, indeed, your amp, which is a more significant factor. That's important.
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