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This is a game that a friend of mine showed me a few years back and I decided to share it with the pit.

Here's how you play

1 - In your post state a song title, any song title you want
2 - After the song title add the words in my pants.

Almost anything should seem dirty to a certain extent.


EDIT: I have added a rule
No Motley Crue, it is way too easy.
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searchbar in my pants

or was it closed in my pants?


bitchslap in my pants.

in my pants
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Play Up Pompey, Pompey Play Up

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I'm going to take this opportunity to initiate my campaign to replace the phrase "Taking a shit" with "Busting a grumpy."
i use the search bar in my pants as there is or was a massive thread with this game in it
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Antisocial Behaviour Order. A chav's equivalent of GCSEs.
All Along The Watchtower In My Pants
Layla In My Pants
Crucifiction In My Pants
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If loving ham makes me gay, I'm Rob Halford.

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MyNameIsLame just nailed it (actually both his statements did some nailing).

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This is honestly the best first post I've ever seen

^^ Directed at me. E-peen wankery sigs ftw.

My Last.FM
multiple threads in my pants
use the searchbar in my pants
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marmite, vegemite, termite...

anything that ends with -mite is the work of Satan's retarded cousin Vinnie.
I use the searchbar, in my pants

lol that works quite well.
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"You Ugly git!" - That girl in the restaurant

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just a few of my fans..

yes we've established it's been done.
I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't thorough with the search bar.
Get over it.
Overture in my pants
Our Farewell in my pants
Jumping Jack Flash in my pants

ahh other's were dirtier.
and love said no in my pants
voodoo in my pants
stricken in my pants
so cold in my pants
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I report threads in my pants.
A is A

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I find it quite astonishing how you managed to post this if the site is just a man with a beard.
Lucky Star in my pants

Sympathy for the Devil in my pants

Never Come Down in my pants

Yes, I Am A Lesbian... No, I Don't Do Porn
Dark Chest Of Wonders In My Pants
Wish I Had An Angel In My Pants
For The Heart I Once Had In My Pants

Nightwish songs work quite well...

And so do Necrophagist:

Fermented Offal Discharge In My Pants
Only Ash Remains In My Pants
Stabwound In My Pants
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Plum Team FTW!

somebody to love in my pants.
whole lotta love in my pants.
i cant get no satisfaction in my pants.

lolololol fun game!!!
Silent night in my pants nope holy stuff don't work
C***s are still running the world in my pants haha
Had me a girl in my pants.... this isnt as amusing as i thought the best have been done
The Rite of Spring in my pants.

...well, I thought it was funny.
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and love said no in my pants
voodoo in my pants
stricken in my pants
so cold in my pants

Breaking BEnjami FTW!

Evil Angel in my pants.
Absolution anyone

Apocalypse Please in my pants
Time is Running out in my pants This game works
Sing for absolution in my pants
Stockholm syndrome in my pants
Falling away with you in my pants
Hysteria in my pants LOL
Blackout in my pants Even more LOL
Butterflies and Hurricanes in my pants Sweet
The small print in my pants
Endlessly in my pants one for me
Thoughts of a dying atheist in my pants
Ruled by Secrecy in my pants AWESOME
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I got a packet of Love Hearts when I was six and every one said 'You Have a Tiny Penis'

Turns Cold To The Touch in my pants
Iron Man in my pants
Take It Or Leave It in my pants
Wings Of A Butterfly in my pants

& for MCR fans... Welcome To The Black Parade in my pants.
harder, faster, better, stronger in my pants
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What the hell is in my pants?
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

╚═ ▼▲▼▲▼═╝
Cold Turkey in my pants.

Crazy train in my pants

Is it progression if a cannibal uses a fork in my pants
A is A

Quote by CrackAddict2000
I find it quite astonishing how you managed to post this if the site is just a man with a beard.
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Cold Turkey in my pants.

Crazy train in my pants

Is it progression if a cannibal uses a fork
in my pants

Chiodos **** yeah.

Entrails ripped from a virgin's vagina IN MY PANTS.
I rape Myself IN MY PANTS.
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when i grow up i wanna have blackandsilver's babies!

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nice discovery, sir.

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If and When We Rise Again in my pants.
The Disease in my pants.
Green Monster in my pants.
Now I Lay Thee Down in my pants.
Mayonaise in my pants.
Deep in my pants.
The Rooster Moans in my pants.
An Oak Tree in my pants.


I was much further out than you thought
And not waving but drowning.
I was much too far out all my life
And not waving but drowning.
Are you in my pants? (Are you in? by Incubus)
Sick Sad Little World in my pants
Magic Medicine in my pants
Don't Dwell in my pants
Feels so Good in my pants
A little piece of heaven in my pants
Clairvoyant disease in my pants
You shook me all night long in my pants
Oops i did it again in my pants
Triple corpse hammerblow in my pants
Easy to please in my pants
God put a smile upon your face in my pants
The hardest part in my pants
Constant motion in my pants
The trooper in my pants
Wherever i may roam in my pants
Dazed and confused in my pants
Black dog in my pants

more to come...
i loved you all along in my pants
get back in my pants
dirty little secret in my pants
master exploder in my pants
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I laughed at someone for breaking his g-string, and got sigged

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You just made me spit out my Kool-Aid all over my keyboard.

Your mother in my pants.

LOLZ cwatididthar?

but seriously....

Hero of war in my pants.
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TL;DR: Saw a girl at Wal-Mart, she started feeling me up, I jizzed in my pants.

Shit, I'm so pathetic.

[quote="'[BurnTheDusk"]']I agree, tone does sound better the closer your genitals are to the ground.


rape me in my pants
Rise in my pants
Follow the Reaper in my pants
Mozart's 40th Symphony in my pants
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Fucking win S&R!
Assassin in my pants
Supermassive black hole in my pants
Bliss in my pants
Feeling good in my pants
Rape me in my pants
Breed in my pants
Mama i'm coming home in my pants
I just want you in my pants
Use my third arm in my pants
Animal in my pants
Comfortably numb in my pants
Money in my pants
Sleep now in the fire in my pants
Animal bar in my pants
Torture me in my pants
Hooker with a penis in my pants
Bad horsie in my pants
And the cradle will rock in my pants
Feels so good in my pants
On fire in my pants
Beautiful girls in my pants
She builds quick machines in my pants
six in my pants
like a stone in my pants
the worm in my pants
the last remaining light in my pants
waking the demon in my pants
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