Recently my Ibanez RG350dx dropped on cement and the neck cracked almost half through right above the nut on the headstock. I've been told by various guitar repair shops that I need to replace the whole neck as it's not really a repairable injury to the guitar. I've been unable to find anywhere to order a neck though. I found one on Ebay but was outbid and haven't seen one since. Are there better places to get cheap necks for stuff?
maybe warmoth ??? but they are not THAT cheap. depending of your budget, you could say they are expensive... but they make great stuff :P hope i helped yah
dunno about a source for cheap necks, but there may be hope for your broken headstock, depending on how clean the break is, and exactly where it is.

Emily (minichibi) did a repair on a broken headstock.

Broken Headstock - Epi Les Paul [PICS]

i'm not saying yours can be repaired. but maybe, just maybe.
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Careful about fitting.

If your new neck is too big, you might be able to carve out a bit more of the neck pocket.

But if it's too small, you're screwed.
well you can normally buy rg necks 'buy it now' from ebay that i think are new, cause people buy a guitar and strip it down and sell the parts.
if you do get a new neck get a reversed headstock they look sweet.
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there are plenty of people who sell Original RG necks on Ebay
wont be hard to find
Craigslist or eBay will DEFINITELY have RG necks.

especially with the Japanese/chinese knockoffs that are so popular these days...

If you want I brand new part you can get it direct from Ibanez.
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