I have a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker and 2 duncan designed single coil pickups that I Want to trade or sell. The dimebucker is almost new. The single coils are a little worn but work great. would rather have EMG's. The Dimebucker has about 6 1/2 inches of cable and comes with everything (box, springs, screws, manual, etc.)

Will Throw in a pack of strings if needed, Ernie Ball Super Slinky or Regular Slinky, you choose.

If You buy them all, It'll Be $100 including shipping
If you buy the dimebucker, It'll be $65 including shipping.
If you buy the single coils, they'll be $35 including shipping. The single coils go together.

If you choose to buy, I only accept money order and checks. Will email you the information.

If you choose to Trade, I prefer Emg's.

This is exactly what the dimebucker looks like...