Ok i dont know if anyone else has noticed this but all of the older bands are commin back like Journey, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, and Led Zepplin might be comming back now. Wats goin on here???
anyone else notice this??

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Well technically I don't think Guns n Roses or AC/DC went away, but yeah, recently there has been a surge of reformations with the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Who, the one off show from Pink Floyd and load of others. It's been pretty obvious really...
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S Club 7 are reforming too, don't leave them out!

They're not.... they wouldnt.... they couldnt

You are joking right? RIGHT?
Journey is and always has been a joke
Zeppelin is not Zeppelin with members missing. Right now, it is a great band that happens to have 3/4 of Zeppelin and plays all Zeppelin covers. (Same with the Who, how many members can you kick out before they are not the Who anymore?)
GnR has been dead for a long time...it is the Axl Rose Band
its not the Axl Rose band its still Guns N' Rosescheck out their new cd Chinese Democracy
A lot of reunions are happening now. Besides the ones you said Phish, The Dead, Blur, The Specials, Yes, Sublime, Creed, Faith No More, No Doubt are all returning in 2009.
bands r coming back because of money as sad as it is because there is so much money that can be made from reforming and touring nowadays

plus there a new generation of fans 4 bands such as the Zeppelin who have never seen them so will pay to go
Alot happened last year, so i mean this is kinda old.. i do however wish ACDC would give up and just ****ing go somewhere already tho.. ****ty ass band