I wanted some opinions on my next purchase, an acoustic electric. I'm leaning to the Ovation Celebrity Standard. I'm left handed so it limits my choices from the get go. I've always liked the looks of them. I haven't been able to play one because I've never been to a store that had a lefty in stock for me to try. What I have now and have had for years is a Fender American Strat, so thats my expierience as far as what I own. Any opinions are appreciated.
They're quite bad acoustically. Plugged in, they're pretty good. So... it kinda defies the point of an acoustic guitar. Make sure you try it out before you buy it. The rounded back can be a pain in the ass. It kept rolling off my leg in the store, and that's why I didnt buy one as my first guitar. You play guitar sitting down like... 90% of the time, and if it cant even stay on my lap then it's no good.

Some people swear by ovations, some want to banish them to the fiery pits of hell. It's a personal choice, really.
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^ Agree with pretty much everything Captivate said.

One of my friends had an Ovation and I never liked it. The unplugged tone leaves a lot to be desired, and I also had a problem with it sliding of my leg.

Definitley play it before you plunk down money for it.
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