I'm planning on starting violin soon, bought my self the acoustic-electric below but it's been backordered forever so I'm planning on buying something else.


My original motivation for starting was after seeing a few electric violinists play, so I figured the acoustic electric would be a nice start. It also seemed really cheap for its price but oh well, I guess I'm content to an acoustic.. I'll buy an electric at later years because there doesn't seem to be a good variety of choices.

So any recommendations for a violin? I'm looking for something within the price range of 350.. maybe 400$.
I suggest you find a violin shop and try out some, because a violin isn't the sort of thing you should buy over the internet. I could suggest mine but A) I can't remember what it's called and B) It probably wouldn't be online because I bought in a shop and it might be (I can't remember though) handmade.

If you do go to a store remember they might be selling the bow seperately so fit that into your budget, and ask to try quite a few bows because they are really critical in getting the sound you want (a bit like and amp to an electric).

Edit: Do you know how to play? If not, how are you planning on learning?
Don't buy something you're gonna regret later because you can't get the damn thing to sound good or find anywhere that has lessons (this happened to me )
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