Hey. Right, i went into my local music shop today and asked if they had any left handed guitars coming in for christmas and they did. They have ordered an Ibanez RG370DXL in black. This is rare for a half decent lefty guitar to come in so i am considering getting it for christmas. The only thing is, i got a fender stratocaster last christmas so it's only a year old. I do appriciate what i have but it's not often a lefty guitar comes in. It's good timing aswell.

I own a peavey bandit 112 transtube which is ok but needs more gain in my opinion for what i play, and i know pedals don't go well with SS amps. I do know what amp i want and thats a Laney AOR Pro Tube but they're difficult to come by and probobly won't find one in time for christmas.

I play all sorts such as, Joe Satriani, Motley Crue, Yngwie Malmsteen, Guns n roses, Rage, etc...

Do you think i should get the Ibanez, or just try it out and buy it later on if i like it?
I was also hoping to get a cheap classical guitar so i could learn to read music and such. All my things ill be getting for christmas will be to do with music so i won't be wasting my parents money on useless crap. But yeh, do you think i should wait a bit longer seeing as my strat is only coming up to be a year old?

If anyone knows any amps which rival Laney AOR's and fit my genre, i would appriciate that. And if anyone is SELLING or knows about one for sale, that would be great!

Sorry for the wall of text...i get carried away haha

im a lefty also.

the RG370 isnt too bad.

the bridge can be kinda funny on them some times but i say try it.

theres no harm in it.

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I know the Epiphone Tonny Iommi signature comes in lefty, that's a nice guitar too, should fit your style.

Def try the Ibanez first, even just for half an hour before you buy it, some guitars are awkward to play.

try craigslist too, sometimes they have awesome stuff, especially when people need rent money bad