so i'm writing a song for my electric and i only get this feedback/harmonic sound (or whatever you want to call it) every once in a while. i think it's cool and it would sound really awesome in my song if i knew how to do it whenever.

listen to the audio. the sound is during the second half of the clip, 11-14 sec.

any help is very much appreciated. rock on

You hit a natural harmonic on accident while trying to mute a note, I assume.
Because that's what it sounds like.

I assume you know how to do a natural harmonic?
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how new are you to guitar?
definitely a natural harmonic
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i taught myself how to play, and i've been playing for a little under a year... and i don't really know how to do harmonics - natural or artificial XD
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A natural haromonic is when you lightly touch the frets and hit the strings. Not hard enough to fret a note, but not easy enough to make it sound like an open string.