ok so ive been playing bas for 4 years and im pretty happy with where im at now so im looking to get a guitar. Im looking for a decent guitar and amp for about 400 dollars.

Any suggestions?
Epiphone G-400 + Roland Microcube
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Look at a relatively top end Squier. Modern ones are suprisignly good!
I'd look in the local paper, craigslit, ebay. Try to find an older guy that is "retiring" and hope he takes pity on a young ambitious musician and cuts you a deal. Epiphones are the best value for my money. You might consider spending $400 on a nice acoustic or electric acoustic, that way you can get a nicer instrument and not have to worry about an amp right away.
i'd shoot both the people who said epiphone and the one who said squire.

That said, too many people are fooled by the size of those companies...

yes I know, im probably gonna get flamed for this. But IMO they aren't good guitars.

Oh and to be honest when your just learning guitar, the huge, top quality amp you wish you had isnt what you need, you can get much smaller amps which can give okay sounds for reasonable prices.

the desicions yours. so go buy an ESP or an ibanez no really you should look around for a while and TRY OUT and that you like.

TRYING THEM is the key part, becasue after all, its the guitar YOUR going to play.
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Epiphone G-400 + Roland Microcube

I think this is a really good idea as the G-400 doesnt get outdated fast(well if you swap the pups) and the microcube is really a good amp to have