New song up on my profile I've just finished recording,
Let me know what you think of it,
I will Crit4Crit
"everyone's a critic"

Ok, here's my criticisms:

1) Vocals: you're holding WAY back. You're singing from your throat instead of your diaphragm, to the point that you're tightening up your tongue to restrict the amount of space in your mouth and drive some of the sound up into the nasal cavity. Drop the source down into your chest, relax your tongue, and open your mouth more.

2) Guitar's a bit out of tune.

Good song, I think it you can do it better.

Feel free to tear one of mine a new one:
    That´s a great song man, like the vers bit of clatchi ! or how to spell it :P
    Keep it up man !
    Cheers !