I'm 13 years old and have been writing for about 6 months. I think this is one of my best poem/song type things yet. c4c and be harsh I NEED TO KNOW!!! I wrote this in religion class. It still needs editing and stuff so.....

A Clean Head

Let’s shave off half our heads
And watch the hair grow back over
Everything we’ve lost
All the filthy morning afters
And the so called “one-of-a-kinds”
That somehow got tangled together
And caught in the gaps between
My skin and my logic

Where cocaine is judge and jury
And the narcissistic waste away
Behind dirty tv screens
And under the influence
Of the excessive lifestyle
I call my generation

Where I would die
With one last cigarette on my breath
(Feeding addiction until the very end)
With crushed ivory lining my lips
And a revolver neatly tucked into the crevices
Of my left eye socket
Ready for action

Only to wake up
And come to the quite humorous realization
That love is but an illusion
And life itself is the disease
The teenage angst
In my burning nauseous stomach

I am useless
And I still have a full head of hair