Im tryin to find a good Distortion pedal for under $150. I want something that can do alot of different metal. I want it to have good bass so i can have a nice chug sound but also i want it to have good leads and for it not to get muddy.

I have looked at the Metal Muff but i heard it was weak on bass. I want to make sure i can get a Lamb of God and Metallica tone. Those are a must. but i want it to do alot more.
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The randall doesn't have enough gain? o.O
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Boss DS-2
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alot people think it does. and the new one probably have enough. but this thing was made in the 80's. it has like a mid gain tone, not to my full liking. and not enough bass.
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I'd try an eq before anything. If you really don't like the amp that much or it doesn't do what you want I'd consider a new amp before a distortion pedal, especially if high gain is what you're after. BTW, there are plenty of older randalls that do metal quite nicely, just look at your idol dime.
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I just bought the amp and i love it. It just doesnt get the super high gain i want. And the pedal is a Christmas present idea. A new amp isnt really in the budget.
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I'd see if you could test out an eq with the amp.
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would an eq have enough gain?
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It wouldn't add more gain, but you could use to shape the sound better and make your amp sound more metal.

If you want a distortion box the metal muff is probably a good bet, the boss pedals sound like crap and so does pretty much anything else with metal in the name. You're not gonna get a LOG or metallica tone by any means, but if you can't upgrade amps it might be your best shot.
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How about a damage control pedal? they're tube powered.
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never heard of it. ill check it out.
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I have used a lot of digitech pedals, and the high gain on the metal master, death metal, and grunge pedals are great, but with no gain control knob, it's like the gain is always at 100%.

The death metal pedal has a lot of gain, but no gain control knob. It does have a 3-band EQ, however, for that high bass-low mid- high treble 80s Metallica tone. The grunge pedal has a gain control, and slighty more gain than the death metal pedal, but lacks a midrange. The metal master has low, high, and morph (which i find more annoying because a gain or a mid knob would have been much more useful)

But if you're happy with your current amp and you just want something to get into the super high gain territory, they're a good way to go, but the fact that there is no gain control knob is a very limiting feature.

So I guess a good way to sum it up would be to say, it's has it's niche, but that's about it. Try em out if you can. Not the best pedals ever made by no means, but they're inexpensive and worth what you pay
Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion, nice low end boost, perfect for Metal
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