Well, here it is: myspace.com/thejoecurtis Crit my playing, please... And don't rip on my recording quality, because my only amp is a spider, and my computer doesn't have a mic jack, so i have to record my stuff with the built-in mic on the computer. Also, the Out Ta Get Me Solo is kind of sloppy, so don't mind that.

My Gear:
Squier Stratocaster
Line 6 Spider III 75w
Line 6 FBV Express

Wanted Gear:
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson ES335
Marshall JVM410H
Marshall JCM800
Dunlop Crybaby
i dont think this goes here...

Your stuffs not bad..
and i'm from Ohio too
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Little does the government suspect that it's funds are being rapidly drained through funding infinite free cardboard boxes to bored teenagers on an internet forum.
Go to either the "Promote Your Band" forum, or the Riffs and Recordings Original Recordings forum, and read the rules.

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