Hi everyone,

Ok, so I've been playing guitar for a few years now. I've noticed recently that when I'm jamming with my band, I often get drowned out. We have two guitar players, and apparently when the other guy is playing it's very hard to hear me. I'm just wondering what I can do about this. My amp is a Vox Valvetronix AD100VT so it's not an issue of the amp not being powerful enough (although I believe his is more powerful, it's some Traynor tube amp that's slightly bigger than my Vox). I definitely have my volume high enough, because when nothing else is playing it's very loud.. it sounds just as loud as anything else. But it just kind of gets lost in the band.

I would describe my tone as a bit "softer", which sounds great when I'm playing by myself but gets drowned out when his crunchier 70s-rock tone gets going. Personally, I like the crunchier tone better (unless I'm doing a solo, in which case I kind of like the softer tone). So, how do I cut through the mix and get myself heard??

I have a 10-band MXR EQ which I haven't been using lately (I was having problems with my amp's effects loop, which is where I had previously placed the EQ). I'm sure there are things I can do with that to make myself heard more, but I'm not incredibly familiar with how to manipulate my EQ to make the best tone. And I have tried turning my mids up (on my amp), but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference.

Thanks for any help!
Yeah I get this problem... you could ask him to turn his amp down
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my other guitarist (we don't do lead and rhythm, we just mix it up a bit) is always doing this, its odd, he has an old skool traynor too, weird...
but seriously, just get him to turn it down a bit. or look at his settings on his amp, and either copy them for a similiar sound, or do the opposite, to make a completely new sound, that contrasts with his and cuts through. i found the latter works better, my guitarist uses a high, trebley tone with plenty of reverb, so i cut my trebles a little, and boost my mids and bass. as i do more rhythm work, being the singer, this helps me more, but depending on what you do more of in the band.
hope this helped
Does the problem only occur when you are doing a lead or is it all the time. If it is only during leads then there are a few things you can do. 1 put your eq pedal in line from your guitar to the amp not the effects loop and then just hit it when you go into a lead. 2 if he is using his bridge pick up all the time have him switch to his neck pick up when you are doing your lead. . 3 get him to roll off his volume a little and play a more muted style if he says no to any of these then 4 kick him in the balls and tell him to learn how to play in a band format. You will also need to adjust your sound a little when playing with ohter people in order to cut thru it will be trial and error to get the right sound but try boosting your treble output it may sound crappy when playing by yourself but with others playing the bass and mids it will sound just fine. I find I always have to readjust my settings when I go to rehearsal from when I play at home.
try these options and see how it goes.....
p.s leave the ball kicking til the end, unless he is a dick, then do it first.
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