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What's your favourite colour for a guitar?

Arctic white and maple fretboard
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Pure white with black binding.
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Dark shiny black.
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I tend to like bursts no matter what colour they are.

Or there's also the Frankenstrat which is sex!
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Carmel is hawt
The Blue Gibson Les Paul Robot studio is the sexiest guitar I've ever seen.
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Nothing beats natural wood.
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The same color as the searchbar.

Really black is cool.
And really, use the searchbar.

Nothing beats natural wood.

My ex-girlfriend-turned-lesbian would disagree with that statement.
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Alpine white/gold hardware.

Randy Rhoads biatch!

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Carmel is hawt
I quite like red.

But from a purely practical point of view, black, since it goes with any lighting, so you'll always look good performing.
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Know what's the shit? Silverburst LPs.
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Way to show everybody up jackass.

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Not sure if it counts as a colour rather than a finish, but this:

Otherwise snow white or black with black hardware
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I have that guitar.
only it's an epiphone

You lucky whore!!

Here's mine:

I love the colours on it.

And here's the one I wanna build myself someday:

(With some black stripes as well obviously)
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Carmel is hawt
tabacco sunburst with a rosewood fret board.
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my strat has a sunburst finish. and i love it. i really like relic'd guitars too, but only if you do it yourself
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It depends on the guitar.

Blue or orange for Chet Atkins Gretsches.

Burst for anything in a rounded strat shape.

Black for LPs or SGs.

Black for extreme shaped guitars.
any transperent finish
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tabacco sunburst with a rosewood fret board.

May the Force be with You.
Carmel is hawt
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Arctic white and maple fretboard

Sorry TS But that looks like toilet! I hate Maple fretboards with a deep, firey passion!

Mmmmm..... I just gleed a little!

Anything that you can still see the grain on & has a Rosewood or Ebony Fretboard!
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i like pelham blue and i really like my classic white gibson explorer...
Rich sunburst:

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Just like yours, arctic white/olympic white.
....or Tobacco Sunburst

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I personally love the McCarty burst finish on my guitar

By the way
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Would someone mind furnishing me with the make and model of that guitar? It looks sooooo sexy

EDIT -> sorry for huge pics
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