Hey all,

Ive been a beginner for about 4 months now. Most of my favorite songs that I want to play (why else would anyone want to even play?) are particularly difficult. I know that speed comes naturally for a while, but is there any ways to speed up the 'speed' process?

Im fully prepared (as Ive been doing for about a week and a half now) to sit down with a metronome for a as much as it takes every single day and practice different exercises and stuff until I'm at that level where I can play those songs. I just want to know if it will actually pay off, or if its overkill. And if so, what exercises can give me results.

As far as what I want to play, I want to get into A7X, Pantera, Lamb of God, Metallica, Slayer, shit like that.

Thank anyone for any help you can provide. =)
The only way to achieve speed is to sit down and play with good and proper form, slowly working your way up from the slowest of slows. Once you hit your speed limit, try to push the speed a little. When you mess up, go back to the fastest you're comfortable with and repeat. Remember, it's all about playing cleanly. Speed is no good if you can't play the right notes in a pleasant way.
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i agree with what captivate said. dude any exersize you do will help you and pay out in the long run. i still sit down and play silly little up down pick exersizes and ive been playin for about 15 years. any kind of practice is good practice. just remember bro rome wasnt built in a day!!
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Thanks for that video! I'm going to check out the entire melodic control tomorrow morning.

I am not trying to push it because im aware that it should take a good, GOOD amount of time before I can pick as fast as I want to. I am still going to play and practice my songs and other exercises as well, but I think I'll devote a good 20 minutes a day practicing what is in that video.

I think its worth it for what I want to play. I guess I just get a little impatient sometimes when I look at my iTunes and all the most played songs are from those speed/technique'd up guitarists. =\ But im willing to make the sacrifice!
It's not about WHAT you practice, it's about HOW you practice. You need to be patient and disciplined, also don't get too hung up on exercises - they're important for learning techniques, good warmups and obviosuly something you should incorporate in your practice routine. However, they're only a means to an end, the worst thing you can do is start measuring your progress by how fast you can play exercises.

Nobody picks up the guitar because they want to learn exercises, and people want to hear them even less. If you want to learn a particular song then the best thing to practice, once you've learned the techniques involved, is the song itself. If you spend too much time on practicing exercises then you just get good at exercises. It's also about your mindset, you need to lose the notion that how fast someone plays is a measure of how "good" they are.

I'm just going to copy paste a post I made in another thread...

"There's no such thing as "speed" on the guitar, at least not as far as your own technique is concerned. Speed is dependent on your abilities, but isn't an ability in itself. It's governed by lots of other things, namely...

Ability to synchronise both hands

All those are things you can actively work on to improve, speed isn't because it's just an abstract, you've got no direct control over it. If you try to play faster you just screw up, because all you're actually doing is trying to play "better" than you're actually able to, however if you work on the things listed above then that will allow you to play faster.

Most important thing to do is slow things down, whatever it is you want to learn there's always going to be a speed at which you can play it flawlessly. It might be really, realllllly slow but it'll be there and that's where you always have to start. Always teach yourself how to play something correctly before you worry about playing it at full speed. Use a metronome and gradually build up speed over time, as in days or even weeks, if you start making mistakes then you're going too fast and you need to slow back down."
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