Help, The Eleca Les Paul I bought today won't stay in tune well the strings are really rusty, would that affect that. Also The E and A string look the same thickness.

If its not either one of those problems how would I fix this?
Get New strings
Edit: theres little screws on the tips of the tuning pegs, tighten those a little
Well, if the strings (metal) are rusty (corroded), what could possibly be the problem? I mean - most people play on rusty strings, right?
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rub the end of a pencil in the nut slots to keep it from grabbing, and get some new strings.
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deffinatly the strings dude. u dont want to let your strings get that old lol. but u can buy stuff called quick frett or is it quick string some thing like that. you run the tube up and down your strings a few times and wipe the exese of with a cloth that comes with it. it prolongs the life of your stings.
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