The drugs don’t do much
I feel as if I’ve lost my touch
My smell, my sight, my hearing and my speech aren’t far behind
I’ll put my life in rewind
See how happy I was from time to time
I’d be a ****ing criminal, if depression was a crime

I take one down
I take a shot, the pill start to drown
3 more and I’m gone
Like a picture painted in the mind but never drawn
And if these pills don’t work
I’ve still got a knife hidden under my shirt

My brain was the judge
Imagination was the jury
I tried to stop and think but it told me “ Do it Jake, hurry!
So I did what I was told
These ****ing thought had me sold
And now I’ll never know what its like to grow old

I was living a nightmare
I said prayer after prayer
Asked god to save me
He didn’t answer my plea
Our father who art in heaven
My life is gone as the clock strikes eleven
"You've got to dance like nobody else is watching.
Dream like you will live forever.
Live like you're going to die tomorrow,
and love like it is never gonna hurt."
-- James Dean (1931-1955)

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Wow, that is very dark and a bit disturbing, but for some reason I could hear it as a RATM esque song. It flows like a rap, which can be good if done right. Probably a typo but you have thaught instead of thaughts in the second to last verse. I would try to add some sort of chorus, at the end may be an effective way to put in a chorus in this particular song.
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