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Match 1: Pale Yellow
116 79%
Match 1: Dark Green
30 20%
Match 2: Pale Yellow
79 54%
Match 2: Dark Green
68 46%
Voters: 147.
This is how the votes are going to work, since not every team turned in 6 pictures.

The polls are multi-choice. I have arrange the pictures into "matches" 1,2 and 3. So two of one colour are Vs. two of the other. When you go to vote, you can cast only 1 vote per "match", so you can only cast 3 votes in total.

Per example:

Match 1 - user voted 'yellow'
Match 2 - user voted 'yellow'
Match 3 - user voted 'sand'

Easy. For the majority, yes.

N.B. Because some teams submitted less then the above might not be possible.

Match 1:

Pale Yellow:


Dark Green:

Match 2:

Pale Yellow:


Dark Green:
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pale yellow .. x2


Pale Yellow, then Dark Green
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vote dark green!!
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Team Pale Yellow?
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