I have never built a bass before and I would like some input so I don't completely f*** everything up. So I convinced my wood shop teacher to let me build a bass. I'm planning on making an explorer out of mahogany and finishing it black and I'm deciding whether to have a pickguard or not. I will buy a neck from warmoth because making a neck is too time consuming and I'm clumsy sometimes so I would probably find a way to mess it up really bad. So heres my layout so far...

The top 3 holes are for the volume and tone knobs. I'm also planning on putting in individual killswitches for both pickups and a phase switcher in the bottom 3 holes. My wiring diagram is posted on my other thread here . I want to use 2 P pickups in reverse order like John Entwistle style. But unfortunately, I have no idea how to install/route P pickups because there is NOWHERE on the internet that has this information! (if you can prove me wrong, i would love to know where this information is) I'm Also considering a bass tune-o-matic bridge.

So what do you guys think?
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That sounds like a cool project. Your shop teacher sounds better than mine mine knows almost nothing about woodworking and doesn't remember what anyones building. Stewmac has templates for p bass pickups and if you want email me at guitarfrazier@ne.rr.com and I'll send you a p-bass plan that you could make a template off of. Other than the rout why would they be any harder. If you decide to go with the tuneomatic you will probably have to rout it into the guitar, make the neck angled, or have the neck stand farther out of the guitar.
oh yeah, I forgot that about tune-o-matics. And the thing with the pickups, it's not so much where to router, it's more of do i just screw them directly into the wood? Or is there something special I have to do?