Last weekend i got drunk and basically got raped by my ex-boyfriend. now he wants me to pay him back for the booze, which he used to take advantage of me.
should i pay him back?
should i kick his ass?

really i think he should be paying me.... standard going rate $300
whoop his ass, he dosent deserve you.
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Afterwards I said to her "Why did you blitz my asshole like that?"

curb stomp his ass and take his money
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It's just an easy way to shift blame as always. If Slipknot caused people to get murdered, then spoons caused Rosie O'Donnell to get fat.

Try to get him for rape if you really want to make his life hell.

Note: this may or may not demote you to "stupid pathetic harlot" status. It depends on whether or not he actually did.
Get a ****ing brain and go to the cops. Rape is rape.
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Wait until he's trying the fullstack, then shove it from behind. Crushing him with it's overdrive

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You can't tune a LP copies down. Some kind of lawsuit Gibson won. Sorry.
Only if you remove the word "hippie" out of your title.... good hippies dont believe in especially when its used for revenge.

My idea is it takes two to tango so its your fault just as much as his. But dont pay him back.... if he gave it to you you shouldnt have to pay him back. Thatd be like me giving you a hundred dollars and then wanting it back.
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kill him and use the minority card to get out of it in supreme court
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You're just going to get silly replies regarding murder, try the relationship thread.
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